Dr. Beau Peelle is Co-Founder and President of Clean Energy Experts, a company focused on educating and spreading awareness through cost-effective energy saving products and technology. With over 25 years of combined experience, Beau Peelle, along with Stanford University classmates Eren Atesman, Co-Founder & President, and Reginald A. Norris, EVP & General Counsel, are using their knowledge to better their communities with reputable energy service try this with companies seeking to grow while making a difference environmentally.



Beau Peelle attended Stanford University where he received his B.S. in Biology with a minor in Economics.

Following Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Beau attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology receiving his PhD in Bioengineering & Advanced Materials.


Early Career

After completing his undergraduate degree, Beau worked as a Senior Researcher at a successful biotech start-up to IPO, Rigel Pharmaceuticals. While at Rigel, he was a key contributor in helping build the company’s core platform technology.

Starting in 2005, Beau Peelle was a Principal at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he advised private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government entities on business strategy, investments, and operational efficiency in healthcare, energy, technology and media. Specifically in the energy sector, one of BCG’s projects included transforming the Port of Los Angeles operations by eradicating 18,000 dirty diesel trucks. BCG also prepared Californian utility companies for what was expected to come, plug-in electric vehicles.



Beau and his Stanford classmates came together and founded Clean Energy Experts in 2009. The company was a perfect fit for Beau’s interests in environmental protection, innovation, strategy and previous management experience.

Even with the progress of Clean Energy Experts, Beau explains the biggest obstacles ahead:

As our energy demands increase our environment is increasingly under pressure, yet proven technologies and techniques to reduce energy consumption are currently underutilized. One major barrier to adoption of renewables and energy efficient practices is the lack of awareness and consumer confusion.

Clean Energy Experts mission is to educate companies and consumers of the value of renewable and sustainable energy. Working with thousands of Americans in their homes and businesses has proved to be a great method to teach and educate the public.

Beau Peelle’s past experiences have propelled him to a leader in the sustainable energy industry. He has patents and patents pending in the bioengineering and biology fields. These patents have been incorporated with Clean Energy Expert’s goals to provide clean, sustainable energy to the public. Peelle also has various navigate to this website published scholarly articles which tie into his patents and Clean Energy Experts.

Even with the work done by Beau and his company, their main goal currently is to teach the public of safe energy. He explains:

Homeowners may hear about solar power and how much energy and money they could be saving, but that does not mean that everyone will know the next steps to install the right system.

Working with companies to break the barrier where potential customers see the long term benefits of renewable energy is of high priority.

With Clean Energy Experts continuing to grow, Beau Peelle expects Americans across the country to focus on renewable energy, which will not only save them money in the long run, but will also continue to have a better impact on the environment.